Canada is a vast country with 13 provinces, each with specific features and needs. Nunavut and Quebec are the only provinces that do not have Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs). Selecting a province to live in Canada can be based on the likelihood of obtaining a provincial nomination. Manitoba, Saskatchewan, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Prince Edward Island, and Nova Scotia are the provinces that have various PNPs. Each province has different nomination programs with specific requirements based on the demands of the province. Manitoba offers three primary pathways to gain a provincial nomination: Career Employment Pathway, Graduate Internship Pathway, and International Student Entrepreneur Pilot. Saskatchewan offers four PNPs: International Skilled worker Category, Saskatchewan Work Experience Category, Entrepreneur Category, and Farm Owner and Operator Category. New Brunswick falls under the Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program (AIPP) and has its own Express Entry Stream, Skilled Workers’ Stream, and Entrepreneurial stream. Newfoundland and Labrador shares many PNP categories with New Brunswick and also has an International Graduate Category and an International Graduate Entrepreneur Category. Prince Edward Island is part of Atlantic Canada and falls under the AIPP, and it also has the Prince Edward Island Critical Workers Stream and the Skilled Workers Outside Canada Stream. Nova Scotia has the most PNP categories, and like the other Atlantic provinces, it has an entrepreneur, International Graduate, International Graduate Entrepreneur, and Skilled Worker Streams. Nova Scotia also has two Express Entry Streams, Nova Scotia Demand Express Entry, and Nova Scotia Experience: Express Entry. Finally, the Nova Scotia Labour Market Priorities Stream exclusively picks candidates from the national express entry pool if their skills fill the needs of the Nova Scotia job market.

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