Canada offers more than 100 visas and immigration programs for foreign nationals to immigrate, study or travel. It is important to find the Canadian visa that fits your needs the best. Some of the most popular programs for immigrating to Canada include the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) and the Study Permit.

The PNP is ideal for individuals who know exactly where they want to live in Canada. This program allows foreign nationals to apply directly to the province or territory they are interested in. The province will choose candidates based on their labor and immigration needs, so it is important to determine which province has a demand for your particular skill or occupation. Each province and territory has its own list of in-demand occupations.

There are two ways to apply for the PNP: directly to the province of your choice or through the Express Entry system. Applying directly may take up to 19 months, while applying through the Express Entry system typically takes around six months.

The Study Permit allows foreign nationals to earn a globally recognized qualification while potentially working and eventually immigrating to Canada. To obtain a Canada study visa, you need to enrol at a Designated Learning Institute with an approved COVID-19 readiness plan, have a study visa, and show proof of funds to support yourself. The waiting time for a Canadian student visa is around 16 weeks, but if you are from a participating country in the Student Direct Stream, you may receive your permit as soon as 20 calendar days.

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