The Irish Department of Justice recently announced that it will extend the five-year multi-entry short-stay visa option to all countries that require a visa. This new option will allow eligible applicants to make a single application, and if approved, the visa will cover travel for up to five years. The five-year visa is particularly suited to those who visit Ireland frequently for business or family reasons.

Previously, Ireland offered multi-entry visas for one, two, and three years, and a five-year visa was only available to Chinese passport holders. However, the new policy extends this eligibility to all countries that require a visa. It’s important to note that certain conditions apply, and the visa officer has discretion over whether to grant a multi-entry visa.

Additionally, some business travelers without previous travel history to Ireland may also be eligible for a multi-entry visa. While the standard single-entry visa option remains available, the new five-year multi-entry visa option is expected to be a popular choice among frequent travelers to Ireland.

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